Silk Sector in India and China and tiawan - A Comparative Business Environment Examination

 Silk Industry in India and China - A Comparative Organization Environment Evaluation Essay


Silk Market in India and China

-A Relative Business Environment Analysis


Goa Institute of Supervision

Submitted by-

Kanishka Belani-2008017

Mariam Noronha – 2008021

Neha Gupta – 2008026

Parikshit Bhinde -2008028

Soutik Sarkar -- 2008052

Silk Industry in India and China

-A Comparative Organization Environment Evaluation

Group People (5A):

Kanishka Belani-2008017

Mariam Noronha – 2008021

Neha Gupta – 2008026

Parikshit Bhinde -2008028

Soutik Sarkar – 2008052

Submitted in 18th March 2009

Goa institute of management

ribandar – 403006


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The goal of the daily news is to offer a comparative examination of the Business Environment factors to be taken directly into account while starting up a little sized Silk Industry in India (Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu) as against starting one out of China (Guangzhou, Guangdong). There are several factors such as permissible Foreign Direct Purchase and Foreign trade Policy which have been same for a lot of regions in the countries and others such as Time Laws which have been specific to the regions selected within the countries. The facets of comparison2 are: a. Cost of work and related factors.

m. Current technology and related factors.

c. Government support and Policies.

d. Credit rating Policy.

at the. Export policy (Duties, Taxes, and Discounts etc . )

f. Overseas Direct Expenditure (FDI)

As per SWOT research, we consider that India is the recommended choice pertaining to setting up the facility. Material


Nation Profiles six

1 . one particular China8

1 ) 2 India 8

Technology and Related Factors: eight

1 . a few India8

1 ) 3. one particular Role from the Central Govt: 8

1 ) 4 China9

Labour Wages and Related Factors10

Having Credit (World Bank, 2009)10

1 . some. 1 India10

1 . four. 2 China11

1 . five Investors Security11

1 . your five. 1 External Factors11

1 ) 6 Anti-dumping12

Foreign Immediate investment12

1 . 7 India12

1 . 8 China13

1 ) 8. you Comparative analysis14

Government support and Policies14

1 . 9 India14

1 ) 9. one particular National Linen Policy14

1 . 9. a couple of Schemes pertaining to Powerloom Sector (Ministry of Textiles)17 1 . 9. a few Tamil Nadu Citizens' Hire – 200518

1 . 12 China19

Foreign trade policy19

1 ) 11 India19

1 . doze China (Ministry of Business, People's Republic of China)20 1 . 12. 1 Usage of Preferential Policies20



1 . 13. 1 Durability 21

1 . 13. two Weakness21

1 . 13. several Opportunities21

1 ) 13. four Threats21

1 . 14 CINA 22

1 ) 14. one particular Strengths22

1 ) 14. a couple of Weaknesses22

1 . 14. three or more Opportunities22

1 . 14. 4 Threats22

Functions Cited23


a. Sector of procedure: Silk market (Silk Materials from yarn) for export products b. Type of production unit: Powerlooms based silk cloth manufacturing unit c. Startup: Exclusive Limited Organization

d. Regional partners: non-e

electronic. Nature of organization: Income

f. Creation centre:

a. Kancheepuram3(Silk City) in Tamil Nadu, India

b. Guangzhou in Guangdong, China

g. Prepared global market for output: United States of America h. Planned method to obtain inputs and capital:



China and tiawan

Yarn coming from domestic suppliers

Bank Loans, Financial institution Guarantees


Yarn from China

Bank Loans, Financial institution Guarantees

Table 1: Sources of Capital and Inputs

Silk accounts for only 0. 2% of planet's total fabric production, although is labor intensive and quality value product producing high profits. Hence, it might be seen as a application for work generation in rural areas as well as a means to generate forex trading. (Central Man made fiber Board) Get ranking


ProductionВ В В

ProductionВ В В

(Int $1000)



Chinese suppliers

978, 013

290, 003



259, 679

77, 000



57, 332

17, 1000

Table two: Top Cocoon Producers (2005) (FAO STATISTICS, 2006)

Region Profiles

1 . 1China

China is the biggest producer of silk (Table 2), accounting for around. 80% in the silk by simply Weight. Sericulture Industry in China at present gives career to...

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