Liquid and Evaporation

 Liquid and Evaporation Article

Rate of Evaporation of various Liquids

Target of the Task

This job is of the interest rate of evaporation of different the liquid, in which we all also go over the elements which affect the rate of liquid.


When liquefied is placed in an open yacht. It slowly and gradually escapes into gaseous period ventually going out of the boat empty. This phenomenon is recognized as vaporization or perhaps evaporation. Evaporation of fluids can be discussed in the conditions of kinetic molecular style although there are strong molecular attractive pushes which maintain molecules with each other. The elements having enough kinetic energy can escape into gaseous phase. If perhaps such molecules happen to approach the surface within a sample of liquid all of the molecules might not have same kinetic energy. There exists a small fraction of molecules which may have enough kinetic energy to overcome the attractive causes and goes out into gaseous phase.

Evaporation causes cooling down. This is due to the reason that the molecules which go through evaporation include high kinetic energy which means kinetic energy of the substances which are left out is less.

Because the remaining elements which are left have decrease average kinetic energy. For that reason temperature is definitely kept constant the remaining liquefied will have same distribution with the molecular kinetic energy and high molecular energy is going to kept one escaping from the liquid into gaseous phase from the liquid is taken in an open vessel evaporation will continue until complete of the liquefied evaporates.

Elements affecting the pace of evaporation

(1) Nature of Fluids: The degree of inter-molecular forces of attraction in liquid determine the speed of evaporation. Weakened the inter-molecular forces of attraction greater is the extent of evaporation. In diethyl ether level of evaporation is more than that of ethyl alcohol.

(2) Temperature: The speed of evaporation of fluids varies straight with temperature. With the embrace the temperature, fraction of molecules having sufficient kinetic energy to flee out from the area also raises. Thus with the increase in temperature rate of evaporation likewise increases.

(3) Surface Area: Substances that avoid the surface of the liquids constitute the evaporation. As a result larger area contributes increasing evaporation.

(4) Composition of Environment: The pace of evaporation of liquids depends upon the flow of air power above the surface of the water. Air current streaming over the area of the the liquid took away the molecules from the substance in vapour condition there by preventing condensation.

Experiment no . 1

Aim: To assess the prices of evaporation of acetone, benzene and chloroform.

Need: Three same size Petri dishes of diameter 12 cm., 15 ml. pipettes, stop watch, acetone benzene and chloroform.


1 . Clean and dry almost all Petri meals and identify them like a, B and C.

2 . Pipette away of 10 ml. acetone in Petri dish " A" with stopper likewise pipette away of 15 ml. of benzene and chloroform in each of Petri " B" and " C".

3. Take away the cover discs from almost all Petri meals and start the stop watch.

four. Let the Petri dishes remain exposed to get 10 small. Now cover each of the petri dish and note the volume of leftover material in them.


Time: 12 min. = 600 Securities and exchange commission's.

Petri meals Marked

The liquid Taken (V1) ml.

Quantity remaining (V2) ml.

Vol. Evap. V=V1–V2

Rate (V/T) ml. /s





8/600=0. 0133





7/600=0. 0116





6/600=0. 010


Price of evaporation of Acetone is zero. 0133 ml/s.

Rate of evaporation of Benzene can be 0. 0166 ml/s.

Price of evaporation of Chloroform is zero. 010 ml/s.


The intermolecular forces of acetone, benzene and chloroform will be in order.

Chloroform > Benzene > Acetone.

Experiment no . 2

Purpose: To study the result of area on the rate of evaporation of diethylether.


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