Hp Swot Matrix

 Hp Swot Matrix Essay


Strengths of HP

1 . Global presence.

2 . Strong brand photo with good quality of item and service. 3. Providing customers assistance with particular technical support. 4. Successful Tactical Acquisitions.

Hewlett-Packard has solid financial condition. Hewlett-Packard is a global company to become world's biggest computer hardware. The growth of 26% in the Americas; 28% world-wide percent in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and 16 percent in Asia Pacific and Japan together with the broad-based global recovery (HP Annual Report, 2010).

Hewlett-Packard is retaining the Number 1 location in throughout the world market share, and also healthy average selling prices. Hewlett-Packard is differentiating through amazing product style and customer experience from the range of sophisticated gaming PCs to modern, powerful laptops to fashion-inspired netbooks and innovative cell phones (HP Total annual Report, 2010).

Hewlett-Packard possesses its own support agencies to provide consumers service with specific tech support team. Hewlett-Packard can provide end-to-end IT solution, which includes infrastructure technology, business procedure outsourcing, technology support and maintenance, program development and support solutions and talking to and the usage service.

Hewlett-Packard continues in recognizing and capitalizing on strategic acquisitions. You can actually major mergers and acquisitions in recent earlier include Compaq Computer Organization in 2002. In Apr of 2010, Hewlett-Packard released to buy Hand for 1 . 2 Billion dollars. It increases its competitiveness therefore produces value for investors and customers from the company.

Disadvantages of HEWLETT PACKARD

1 . Weakened Market Portion Integration

installment payments on your Over depend on three-party dealer

3. R& D division has considerably less investments

4. Not thorough product stock portfolio

HP absence presence in a few segments. Assessing to the major opponents, such as Accenture, EMC and IBM, HP's portfolio gives less significant on software...

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