Informative Conversation - Economic Planning

 Informative Presentation - Financial Planning Dissertation


Financial Planning your Future

Goal: To inform the group about how small sacrifices today can result in huge dividends in retirement.

Thesis: Today I will inform the audience of the benefits of saving small amounts of money for the future and how chemical substance interest performs in their favour when they begin saving at the earliest opportunity.

Organizational Style: Topical


A. Attention Driver Who wants to certainly be a millionaire? You may be!!! B. Relevance Everyone is faced with the prospect of living their very own " golden” years without a paycheck. Social Security can very likely NOT be available in people currently younger than forty five and if it can survive will never be a significant amount to live on. How we prepare NOW can decide whether our company is world travelers or Walmart greeters. C. Credibility My dad impressed upon me the need for financial planning. I commenced saving initially when i first started doing work at 17 and have tips greatly. M. Thesis Today I will present how any person can have a fulfilling future by causing small and typically unnoticed eschew currently. At the. Preview Especially, I will go over retirement conserving strategies which include 401K complementing programs by employees and IRA's.

Transition First Let me discuss the expediency of saving from a young age.

I. Physique

A. When to start saving for retirement?

1 ) The earlier the better. Due to the exponential character of chemical substance interest the longer the cash remains the more significant the expansion 2 . It can never in its final stages to start investing in retirement. The web the much longer you wait the more impact on your budget due to needing to save a higher percentage of your current profits. If you start off saving early your effect is reduced greatly.

Change Next, I will discuss the many ways to save to get retirement.

1 ) 401K programs offer you the chance to deduct payments...

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