Conflict Promps

 Conflict Promps Essay

CX1. Mother nature of turmoil


1 ) ‘Conflict can be inevitable. ' Humble honest

2 . ‘Conflict arises between the powerful and the helpless. ' three or more. ‘Without conflict, there is no progress or transform. '

5. ‘Conflicts by history can teach us lots of things about themselves and the moments in which we live. ' 5. ‘Social order can deteriorate in conflict and anarchy with disturbing simplicity. ' 6th. ‘Conflict is known as a destructive force in our lives. '

several. ‘Conflict can be an inescapable part of getting human. '

8. ‘We need some degree of issue and stress if we should be experience the richness of being completely alive. ' 9. ‘Conflict is a clash of expectations. '

10. ‘Conflict is a fear of big difference. '

14. ‘When issue occurs the group becomes more important than the individual. ' 12. ‘Conflict is not so bad. '

13. ‘Some clashes are bound to happen. '

14. ‘Conflict could be character-building. '

15. ‘The most remarkable conflicts tend to be personal. '

16. ‘There are rarely two clear slice sides in human conflicts. ' seventeen. ‘Conflict may corrupt. '

18. ‘Conflict is an inherent part of life; it is not always negative. ' 19. ‘Conflict is a true test of human relationships. '

20. ‘Conflict is the accurate test of someone's internal strength and understanding. ' 21. ‘It is never easy to distinguish the harmless from the accountable in situations of conflict. ' 22. ‘One conflict often contains the seed products of an additional. ' 23. ‘History can be shaped simply by conflict. '

24. ‘There is usually more than one side to any conflict. ' 25. ‘Societies that contain experienced historical conflict discover ways to create social harmony. ' 26. ‘Sometimes we need to close our eye and brains to actuality if we want to prevent conflict. '

Key questions raised by this sort of prompt:

• What are the different types and levels of discord?

• Are you able to live in a society devoid of conflict? Or is issue inevitable? • When examining conflict, why is it important to explore the cultural/historical/social/economic/religious context in the conflict? • Do you think those in positions of power are more or less likely to incite turmoil to acquire what they want? The actual more powerful often win? • Are there constantly two valid sides to each conflict?

• Taking long perspective of history, does discord rule, or do approval and balance? Why?

2 . How individuals/groups react to issue


1 . ‘People's answers to discord vary. '

2 . ‘Often, how we reply to conflict will depend on a variety of social factors away of our control. ' three or more. ‘Who we are is truly tested and proven when we encounter conflict. ' 4. ‘Conflict can disclose unexpected qualities in an individual. ' your five. ‘An person's ability to cope with conflict depends upon their self-knowledge. ' 6. ‘Why turmoil occurs is less important than how this affects people. ' several. ‘It can be through issue that we increase. '

8. ‘It is how people manage conflict and what they study from it that is important. ' 9. ‘Conflict may alter a person for the better. '

10. ‘Conflict brings out unexpected qualities in individuals. ' 14. ‘The procedure for self-discovery inevitably consists of some kind of personal struggle. ' 12. ‘An encounter with conflict will make you a better person. ' 13. ‘The approach we handle conflict comes with an impact on how we relate to others. ' 14. ‘Conflict has only negative effects on people. ' 12-15. ‘The simplest way to deal with discord is head-on, not by simply avoiding that. ' of sixteen. ‘Staying faithful to our main values is the best way to cope with conflict. ' 17. ‘When conflict occurs, it is not possible not to have a side. Everyone has a role. ' 18. ‘The initial respond to conflict has a important effect on the end result. ' nineteen. ‘In times during the conflict, the rest of us find themselves able of great things. ' 20. ‘A person's attitude to conflict may have a significant influence on its final result. ' twenty-one. ‘Encountering conflict can cause an individual to reflect on their ideals. ' 22. ‘Heroes generally emerge from turmoil. '

23. ‘Individuals will always respond differently to issues. '...

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