Charles Ives Composer Statement

 Charles Ives Composer Record Essay


COMPOSER: Charles Edward Ives

BORN: March 20, 1874 in Danbury, Connecticut

DIED: May nineteen, 1954 in New York City, New york city


EXISTENCE: Ives was your son of Mary Parmelee and George Ives, a U. S. Army bandmaster during the City War. He used to view his father's band perform at the Danbury town sq. His daddy gave him his initially lessons in music and encouraged him to experiment with several sounds. At the age of fourteen, Ives became a church organist and published hymns and songs intended for church companies. As much as this individual loved music, he understood it was not a practical way for making money, and so he began likely to school at Yale in September of 1894. His father died in The fall of of 1894. While at Yale, he examined music below Horatio Parker, a the composer and teacher. He also played sports. He wrote some works during this time, but after he graduated this individual went into the insurance business, in which he became a millionaire. This allowed him to create music to get pleasure, rather than relying on the cash it would bring. He and a friend exposed their own insurance company called Ives & Myrick, which is in which he retired. Ives suffered a lot of " cardiovascular attacks" beginning in 1907. These were by no means confirmed even though, and may have already been more mental than physiological. He committed Harmony Twitchell in 1908. Very few of his works had general public performances. Ives was a lot more recognized in death, than he was in life. After he died of any stroke in 1954, his wife undiscovered dozens of performs and established for them to become published and performed. В

CONTRIBUTIONS/INFLUENCE: He is dubbed one of America's very best artists, merging American, church music and European artwork music. He published a sizable variety of tracks. He made up string quartets, chamber music, and instrumental music, along with symphonies and sonatas.

SELECTED OPERATE: Ives' 1st Orchestral Collection " Putnam's Camp" Operating Time: 6th: 14 В



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