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Get Us If you possibly can - Summary (Chapter 10)

Catch All of us If You Can

Phase 10

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Mrs Foley is involved about Rory and asksВ him about his stay in Fort Street. The girl organises bouquets to be delivered to Granda from Rory's course. Rory confides in Mrs Foley regarding his anxiety for Tess. He is scared of Tess. Mrs Foley then calls Val Jessup and talks to her about Rory. В

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Darren reveals to Rory that Mrs Foley may want to foster him since what his mother tells him. Darren assures that Mrs Foley is a great person; the girl with worried about Rory being in Castle Street, she always has secret discussions with Val Jessup and she is a Christian. As well, Rory's Granda is certainly not doing as well as Rory believes. Rory is usually shocked to know the news. В The ideaВ to always be fostered simply by Mrs Foley brings Rory out in chilly sweat. Rory isВ worried when he thinks than it. В

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Rory knows he will not have a home if perhaps Granda will not get better. Rory runs right to hospital after school. Rory goes intoВ Granda's room although Granda is definitely not generally there. Rory's unpleasant thought is that Granda is usually dead! В


1 ) Mrs Foley

2 . В Granda

3. Tess

4. Rory

5. Val Jessup

6th. Darren

7. Darren's mother

8. people


1 ) Castle Road

2 . hospital

3. classroom

4. university

5. Granda's room in hospital

1 ) WhatВ are sent to Granda from Rory's course?

2 . Whom organises bouquets to be provided for Granda?

a few. Who is frightened of Tess?

four. According to Darren's mom, who wants to engender Rory?

your five. Who tells to Rory about Mrs Foley's intention to engender him? six. How is definitely Rory's response when he listens to the news?

7. State two character attributes of Mrs Foley.

almost eight. Where truly does Rory go straight following school?

on the lookout for. Is Granda in his area in the hospital?

10. What is Rory's first thought if he does not find Granda in his room?

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