Marketplace segmentation is about understanding the needs of customers & also the way they decide among one present to another. This insight is normally used to contact form groups of customers who share the same worth criteria. Companies are then in a position to identify which usually group of buyers it's more than likely to suit best & which in turn product satisfies the requirements of the chosen sections. The main objective of segmentation is based on tips on how to win & retain the customers you want to provide. Characteristics will be divided into several categories and so they are segmented into a particular market:

• Gender

• Values

• Health

• Life span

• Education

• Interests & hobbies

• Race

• Local/national areas

• Age group

• Religious beliefs



Market: Topshop's goal customers whom are ladies aged among 18-25 years old with an income range of ВЈ10, 000 -- ВЈ50, 000 a year. All their target audience can be young, fashion-conscious people on a budget. Psychographic: Customers tend to have goal orientated lifestyles & dedication to to career & family, their particular image is important to them & they are motivated simply by self expression. They are fresh, enthusiastic & impulsive consumers.

Behavioural: For any dress in Topshop, people are willing to pay a little more since they just like the brand. Most customers are avid shoppers & will have purchased a lot more than one item within the store before.

Geographic: A little, dark-colored dress will most normally be sold throughout the whole year. The reason is , it's such a plain, well-liked type of costume suitable for lots of different occasions.


Market: Lynx concentrate on customers whom are men aged between 11-25 years of age of any ethnicity. Consumers are most likely

heterosexual as well.

Psychographic: Customers are likely to be encouraged to get a girl or are incredibly peer influenced & will be constantly in competition with the friends.

Behavioural: Most males are willing to give whatever their very own friends are utilizing a try. Lots of men use Lynx body squirt which immediately interests guy friends & family.

Geographic: Lynx physique spray comes throughout the whole year, nonetheless they do bring out some joyous Christmas canisters in

January for a limited time only.


Demographic: The sweet market is segmented of consumers being largely children & a few adults. Sweets will be targeted to equally genders of any ethnicity.

Psychographic: Children want to learn new sweets whereas many adults desire to be reminded of their childhood. Several adults could be addicts to candy & can consume it whenever you want.

Behavioural: Haribo is a very well-liked brand of desserts. The majority of people appreciate sweets & the more you eat, the more you want more. Geographic: Sweets are sold through the entire whole yr, along based on a types of Haribo packages. You can also obtain seasonal Holiday gift bags of Haribo for a limited time simply.


Demographic: Nike target towards adults of both sexuality & children. The business focus on most sports & snowboarding related things towards males, whilst anything related with competitive softball is targeted towards females.

Psychographic: Nike have an outstanding mission statement, along with a popular logo. Most people will know quite a few & relate them to Nike immediately. They're very impressive & motivational towards the customer of the item.

Behavioural: People who buy happen to be Nike sports activities bag most likely enjoy going to the gym & keeping fit. As well, younger individuals that like to keep with the current fashion.

Geographic: Nike is sold in the UK, USA, India & Malaysia. In the united states, Nike generally targets toward women & soccer. In India, Nike mostly objectives towards crickinfo.


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